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Somebody Feed Phil The Book is a hybrid of stories, photos, and a cookbook-which I know nothing about-but Jenn does. You put it all together, brilliantly. The truth is that you deserve most of the credit for this book. I couldn’t have done any of this without you and your knowledge, legwork, talent, and kindness. (I recommend collaborating with her if you should find yourself selling a cookbook without knowing how to cook. Or even if you do.) -PHIL ROSENTHAL

 I didn't realize how difficult and time consuming making a cookbook can be. I don't even know how to thank you, Jenn, for so many months of dedicated work on The Fire of Peru. You helped me figure out what I wanted to say when I couldn't describe it (and I corrected your Spanish!), you researched Peruvian food and the history of my country like you were researching a university thesis, and you spent countless hours testing recipes and talking through the content with me; you made this book the best it could be. I've never met anyone so committed to a project that wasn't entirely her own. I have immense respeto for you and have gained a true friend. -RICARDO ZARATE

I was lucky enough to have Jenn harness my Tomatomania! energies and help me turn them into words. She channeled my story and all that I've learned and love, and pushed, led, cooked, cajoled, and laughed with me through the process. -SCOTT DAIGRE

Garbee is a smashing writer as well as a cook. - LOS ANGELES TIMES review of Secret Suppers: Rogue Chefs & Underground Restaurants

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